My TEN favourite buys for baby

So I bet you didn't know this... after I had my first son and we were saving for our wedding I worked at a baby store part-time! Yep, it was such an easy and fun job and I learnt a tonne about baby products! Oh, and I also got some pretty awesome staff discounts too, WIN! Here I am sharing my TEN favourite buys for baby, tried and tested I used all of these products over the past 6+ years with both of my children. Here are my tips!

Boori Bassinet - I only wish I had have purchased this bassinet the first time round! Our first bassinet was HUGE, a pain to move around the house and just took up way too much space... this one is a winner! Easily moves from room to room, doesn't take up so much space. I love the simple and stylish design and colours it is available in too. The bassinet is built with solid timber, breathable mesh and castors. It is the perfect first bed for baby!

Baby Jogger - Shopping for a Pram? I've had my Baby Jogger City Versa for over 6+ years now and it is still in perfect condition! Two babies later, its done a lot of km + been thrown around in the boot of the car, onto the road. We have used this pram on hikes over gravel and rocky tracks it is a fantastic, well built tough pram! We got the black and I can honestly say it has not faded one bit over 6 years! How incredible that! The fabric is very strong, no rips or tears and is very easy to wipe clean = no stains! We chose foam filled tyres because I couldn't think of anything worse than having a flat pram tyre with a baby. 100% the best baby purchase I made and I am still using it with a 6 + 3 year old! Many of the prams by Baby Jogger go from a single to a double as your family grows. It has the most riding options of any single to double stroller, with over 20 configurations. Folding stroller is 30% smaller and automatically locks, so it's even easier to carry. All-wheel suspension, telescoping handlebar, reclining seat, hand park break and UV 50+ extended canopy are some other awesome features of this winning pram!

Safe n Sound - I am a loyal Safe n Sound customer. I first purchased the Compaq 6 years ago because of the slim line design, I had a tiny car the Toyota Yaris so this car seat was perfect! We then upgraded to the maxi guard pro 3 years ago and purchased a second maxi guard this year, so both of my children are in them 90% of the time we are in the car. I highly recommend safe n sound for car seats, not only have they been making car seats for over 40+ years but they have a replacement guarantee. If you are in an accident they will replace your car seat! How awesome is that! Make sure you register though, you can't just call and ask for a new seat. I love the side impact cushion technology for added peace of mind offering head and torso protection. The seat has memory foam for comfort and a hassle free harness with 2 recline positions and easy adjust headrest.

Ergo Baby - Now this is one I caught on to late! With my first son I purchased a second hand Baby Bjorn carrier from gum tree and now I cringe at how uncomfortable it was, how bad it was for my back and also how poorly positioned my son was! We didn't use it for long! Second time round before I even found out I was pregnant again I knew I was going to purchase the ergo baby having seen demonstrations and learnt a lot more about the product when I worked in the baby shop. The difference is the design is incredible! Make sure you get the bundle of joy which includes the newborn insert, you can't use the ergo baby with a newborn without the insert! They wash really well too! I also love how you can wear baby 4 different ways! This easy to use carrier offers all carry positions and adjusts to support babies from newborn to toddler (3.2-20kgs). I love that the seat supports baby in the recommended hip-healthy ‘M-Shape’ seated position across all carry positions, including forward facing. I really noticed the difference in baby's position between the two carriers and the added convenience of being able to quickly and easily switch baby to face in or out on the go. The Omni 360 ensures proper head and neck support for babies at all ages and stages with the fold-able and extendable integrated head and neck cushion. Other features include lumbar support, extra-cushioned cross-able shoulder straps with easy-to-reach buckles, and the bonus of a new detachable pouch perfect for keys and phone.

The NEW Omni Carrier WON the GOLD Award at the 2017 Mother and Baby Awards ceremony. This is Ergobaby’s 5th consecutive year winning GOLD!

Oricom Monitor - The customer service was fantastic, I cant fault oricom and love that it has a 3 year warranty! Around 2 years in we had a problem with a camera... they simply sent out a replacement camera very quickly and without a fuss! We used the same monitor for 4+ years! No complaints here, loved how the monitor is wall mountable and infrared so it allows you to see baby without disturbing bub even in the dark. The monitor also displays the room temperature at all times and has a soft adjustable night light and lullabies. I must say one downfall of the product is the lullabies, they could be better. The parent unit is colour display which I loved! I couldn't imagine having a monitor without that visual and the parent talk back feature is fantastic allowing me to reassure and settle bub without even entering the room. The biggest feature is the added convenience of being able to add up to 4 camera units, you could set one up in the living room, play room and nursery for example or have one set up in each of your children's bedrooms.

Love to Dream Swaddles - Oh how I wish I knew about these with my first son! So easy! The design allows baby to sleep in a more natural position with arms up giving them access to their hands so they can truly self-soothe. Self-soothing = more sleep. The swaddles and gro bags are made with different thickness or warmth which is identified as a TOG, 0.5 is what you want in summer 2.5 what you want in winter. I was terrified of my babies kicking the blankets up onto their faces during sleep and the swaddles eliminate this safety hazard. They are also certified hip healthy by the international hip dysplasia institute. Twin zipper for easy nappy changes with no Velcro or studs! EASY!

Medela Bottles and Calma Teat - I love Medela!!! The Calma allows baby to feed and he or she does on the breast. It makes switching from breast to bottle and back again easy which is often a problem for breastfed babies I know my two babies were challenging when it came to bottle feeding and the Calma helped immensely with my second baby.

Medela Swing Electric Pump - Life saver! This is a best selling pump for a reason and I would have been a mess without it! An advanced pumping pattern that mimics a baby's nursing rhythm for maximum milk flow. Suitable for regular and long-term use, it is portable, lightweight & quiet. I tried a manual pump with NO luck... purchased the Medela and could get a full bottle within 5 minutes, its a lifesaver I am telling you! All Medela pumps and bottles are BPA Free and the pump can be used both electric or battery-powered (mains adapter included).

Changing Clutch - Another product I wish I had have known about the first time round! This sleek clutch unfolds to a padded wipe able changing area. The clutch unfolds to a large pad and includes an attach-anywhere handle. Convenient pocket holds wipes and multiple diapers and the slim design fits neatly in your diaper bag. A simple but excellent product I am still using with my youngest son.

Jamie Kay Clothing - A new found love! Beautiful cotton muslin, comfy knits & soft organic cotton all for your little ones to love. Our stunning client wardrobe is filled with gorgeous pieces by Jamie Kay and I cannot fault their products at all, shipping is super quick too! Win!

Another important note when purchasing baby products... all products sold in Australian stores meet Australian Standards. You may find a pram or car seat cheaper online overseas but remember even though they LOOK the same, they likely DO NOT meet Australian Standards. Think harnesses, breaks, motors, the inner mechanisms you cannot see. For added peace of mind and certainty I would recommend only buying these important buys from Australian stores.