“"Motherhood is a beautiful, sometimes hard but truly incredible journey that I make sure I appreciate and cherish every day. You need portraits with your children and your children will one day, when they are grown need those portraits with you. One of the most special gifts we can give."”

Melissa Sprlyan Photography was established in Spring 2017...

My love for photography was always clear to me but how and when was unknown. The turning point was when I became a mother and found myself wanting to photograph all of these precious memories of my young children but my camera phone wasn't cutting it! For years I worked in corporate (primarily accounting) and although I enjoyed my job, I did find myself needing more. It wasn't fulfilling and I wanted to do something truly meaningful, I wanted to serve others and bring them joy. At the time, I couldn't quit my job so instead I decided to volunteer at PMH every Friday night after work.

I'm a creative, I was offered an art scholarship in high school and when I started volunteering at PMH I would always find myself back in the art room making crafts with the kids late at night. Working in corporate I discovered a passion for business, so I studied and obtained tertiary qualifications in both Business and Human Resources. I remember way back in 2009 wanting to pursue photography - the timing wasn't right. Again six years later in 2015 I wanted to start a business - the timing still wasn't right! Finally in 2017 the stars aligned. Ever have that happen? You want something so bad, you can't stop thinking about it and somehow it manifests? I can't explain it, but it truly does happen! Today, I am in my third year of business, operating full time I can say with certainty I have found my true calling serving busy Perth Mums wanting more from their portrait sessions. I am finally working with clients who truly value hand printed, archival quality, custom framed artwork. Together we share a desire to showcase and pass down portraits for generations. I truly love my job and my heart is full.

The experience I have created for my clients is very personal to me. I say it all the time but it truly is an honour to be welcomed into your homes and chosen to photograph such special moments in life + love. That second when I reveal my clients precious new family portraits brings me so much joy and seeing that smile, the emotion, reading your messages and cards of gratitude and love it just makes my week and affirms I am exactly where I am supposed to be, sharing what i love and serving your family with beautiful, treasured portraiture. So thank you, so, so much!

I'm obviously not just a photographer though... also a daughter, big sister, aunt, friend and most importantly proud wife and mother to our two young boys. Together we live in Perth a short walk from City Beach and close to Perth CBD with our fur baby Stella, a black English Staffordshire. When i'm not meeting with clients or in the office I'm usually running the kids to school, between appointments for my son and crazy play dates in the afternoon. Like most Mum's I find myself in a constant battle... that is among the chaos still trying to keep up with housework, self care and attempting to find a sense of balance in my life, if that even exists right? I share more of my motherhood journey over on Instagram Stories @melissasprlyanphotography and over on the blog. I invite you to follow along - I'd love to get to know you too!

A little more about me…

  • I think the law of attraction is very powerful
  • I love to cook and bake for my family
  • I'm scared of the dark
  • My favourite flowers are tulips
  • I love skydiving and want to jump solo when my boys are older
  • I am often listening to and loving music from the 80's + 90's
  • I've watched home and away for over 25 years now, yeah its silly but I'm too invested in it now to just stop watching
  • I am planning on learning landscapes and astrophotography in my spare time, I am fascinated with the night sky and often spend a moment looking up most nights


The Deansmith Family

“Highly recommend Melissa! I didn’t think we’d get too many amazing shots considering our one and a half year old’s attention span. However we were blown away with the photos we received, it was so hard to choose! Melissa did such an amazing job and was so patient and friendly and made us all feel very relaxed in front of the camera. We now have some stunning photos that we will treasure forever and can’t wait for her to photograph our new little Bub in October. Thank you Melissa!”

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