A new way to lend a helping hand...

As each day passes in this health and financial crisis newborns are being born and I cannot photograph them, this just breaks my heart. Portrait sessions are my creative outlet and I love connecting with people. I'm finding myself a little lost and so I've been thinking more and more of ways I can continue to create, share what I love AND support small businesses because we are all hurting at the moment, right? I am excited to announce I am now accepting applications for The Collective Project, a new way I can lend a helping hand during this time.

How does it work? It's simple! Successful applicants will receive hi-res professional imagery that can be used on business websites and social media to elevate your brand and SELL your product! Successful applicants may receive a number of images in exchange for product. The total number of images a successful applicant receives will be based on the value of your product or products and outlined in the contract before exchange.

Melissa Sprlyan is passionate about supporting local small businesses and serving busy Perth Mum's for this reason your business and imagery may also be featured in a blog post, one Instagram post and a story series on @PerthMotherhood.

The Collective Project is accepting applications NOW and will work with local small businesses until 30 June 2020. Places are strictly limited to TEN local Perth small businesses only. Should this special project be of interest to you please complete the application form below and we will be in touch should your application be successful.

Did you DIY or did you hire a professional photographer? Are you happy with the images or are you wanting high quality styled imagery?