I have a confession...

It's not until now that my babies are 6 and 3 that I am really appreciating how incredible my body was to carry and grow these two precious humans. My regret? Not having any portraits of me during this very special milestone in my life. Funny isn't it? I'm a lifestyle photographer specializing in Motherhood yet I don't have a single image of me pregnant or breastfeeding. Two of the most beautiful, memorable and EMPOWERING moments in my life! Sure, it was the last thing I wanted to do at the time, growing a human is exhausting and I certainly didn't feel like myself BUT if I regret anything it is this... that I spent a total of 18 months pregnant and 28 months breastfeeding and I don't have one single image to take me back to that time and really remember + cherish it!

Soon after my second son Elijah was born I knew I was done! I had diagnosed perinatal depression when pregnant with Leo and was severely ill with HG both pregnancies. Hubby was also working a 4:1 FIFO roster at the time... I was so grateful to be a mother, felt very fortunate and love my children so much but I just knew I couldn't do it again! At this time Leo was turning three and he was so excited to become a big brother. He had a real connection with my bump but even then it didn't at all occur to me just how important it was to document this special milestone in our lives, that is becoming a family of four... so of course I passed up on the Maternity Session. Oh, how I wish I could go back in time and change this!

So for this reason, I am sharing with you today why you NEED a maternity session! Read on...

  • Whether its your first or third pregnancy, this is a unique bond and the only one you share with THIS child.
  • It is the perfect time to spoil yourself! You've been growing a human for months now... it's exhausting and well we often don't feel like ourselves do we? Buy something beautiful to wear or choose a stunning dress from our growing client wardrobe!
  • Treat yourself! This is the perfect opportunity to get your hair and make up done too! You will feel AMAZING for your portraits!
  • After baby arrives you'll forget what it was like to be pregnant and what having that beautiful bump looked and felt like, another reason to document it now!
  • Remember pregnancy is a beautiful, incredible thing... THIS is what your body was made to do. Feel EMPOWERED! It is the best part about being a woman!
  • Your child can see that they grew in your tummy and how happy and beautiful you were and how special your child was to you before you even met them.
  • A professional photographer specializing in Motherhood knows how to pose and create beautiful, timeless maternity portraits that you will love. Trust me, their job is to make you look AMAZING! So much goes into your portraits... wardrobe, location, posing, angles, lighting, editing, focus + more! We can transform your image into a beautiful piece of wall art or a personalized album as a keepsake or something that can even be gifted from you to your baby. How special is that!
  • It’s so much fun! My clients often tell me after the session that they had the best time and was a lot more fun than they expected!
  • Siblings can feel extra special by being included in your maternity portraits too! Picture your toddler or older children embracing your belly and bonding with their new baby brother or sister + YOU! It can help them to feel important and creates a really special memory for your children too!
  • Finally, remember once this moment is gone, its lost forever! You only have a small window to photograph maternity, generally between weeks 27-35. Soon the birth is over, your children are grown, in school, married and having their own kids! Gosh, that makes me sound like an old woman! But the truth! Cherish your pregnancy, because it will soon become a distant memory.

My advice to you as a Mother having not wanted maternity portraits back then but now very much regretted it is to document this journey just in case you might want it later on! When I meet clients at newborn or family sessions and we get to know one another and chat all things motherhood I only ever hear two things about maternity sessions. That is... they either tell me they LOVE their portraits and are so glad they have those memories OR they sadly tell me they regret not doing it, and this breaks my heart!

Expecting and want to document your journey into Motherhood? Wonderful, I am so excited for you! Feel free to contact me at any time so we can discuss ideas and start planning your session. Our popular Baby Plan Membership is a flexible and more affordable way to document your journey to Motherhood, ask for our full product and pricing guide today! Interest free payment plans are also available upon request.

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