Being a new Mum is an incredible feeling but at most times exhausting. Am I right? I remember when I had my two boys the laundry never got done, I relied on my Mum and Husband to take care of that for me. I rarely cooked, Hubby took care of that too! I also remember the visitors (we have quite a large family) there was a constant stream of visitors in and out of my house almost on a daily basis and while I loved so much seeing them and sharing our sweet babies with them I did find myself often struggling to vacuum before they arrived and felt the pressure to make sure I was a good host, not really the priority of a new Mum I can tell you that!

Next time you visit a new Mum friend think outside the box and find ways that will make her day a little easier. I promise you she as a million onesies and is now at the stage of throwing out all of those wilted flowers she was overwhelmed with last week. Consider these ideas instead...

1. Bring her favourite treat and frozen meals

This is probably the most common way family and friends help a new Mum but it really does give her one less thing to think about in those first weeks. It doesn't have to be hard or time consuming either, think simple! You could make a big batch of bolognese, a vegetable bake or casserole. There are tonnes of ideas on

Oh and don't forget to call and ask if she needs anything from the shop on your way over. You could also pick up her favourite pastry or cake for morning tea - she will love you for it!

2. Hold the baby

Offer and let her say no if it's not a good time but the chances are she will be thrilled to be able use two hands to get a couple of small tasks done.

3. Help around the house

Your new Mum friends may say no to be polite, but insist and do it anyway! Offer to do specific tasks like unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming, or folding the laundry. When she runs off to change or feed bub, start the job and she will be pleasantly surprised and so grateful for the help!

4. Take the dog for a walk

If you're already visiting and your friend has a pet offer to take the dog out for a walk. Chances are the dog isn't getting as much attention and may be playing up a little in these first few weeks. This will be a huge help for your friend who probably doesn't have the time for twice daily walks at the moment.

5. Babysit siblings

If this isn't her first baby, she may be struggling with giving her other children the attention they deserve. Offer to take them out to the park or have a little sleepover so that they can be the center of attention for a while. You'll be giving Mum a little break too!

6. Check in, often

It's hard to get out with a newborn, so she may be feeling cut off or isolated, especially if she has other children. I encourage you to check in and often! Ask her how she's doing and don't feel miffed if she doesn't respond in a timely manner...or at all. I know I am still so bad for not replying to messages for days, sometimes weeks! It's a Mum thing!

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