This is not by any means a complete list of the portraits I photograph at a newborn session, every session is different, every family, home and more importantly every baby is different too! Overall, I do try to keep to a consistent workflow to ensure I don't miss anything. Here are my top six portraits to photograph at a newborn session and why I love them so much! Scroll to the end to see the portraits i've highlighted in this post...

1: Mumma loving on her new baby

What I believe to be the most important portrait and is a priority of mine at any newborn session. You may not feel like yourself right now but I promise you will be grateful to have portraits like this with your newborn in the years to come.

2: Details in B+W

All the tiny details you will miss as your baby grows. I'm talking about that full head of hair, baby's hands, toes and tony lashes. I tend to photograph these towards the end of a session. They can really make an album or even a wall art piece in black + white.

3: Family together

Another important portrait I make sure I photograph at every newborn session, the family together on Mum + Dad's bed. It's comfy and I find the kids are more relaxed here. This is where I will aim to get more natural interaction which will show the love and connection between your family.

4: Siblings connecting

This is the toughest of all and the one I always photograph first before anything else. This is one Mumma really wants! Trust me, I desperately want to give you this one too! Every Mum wants the PERFECT portrait of their babies together! With older siblings this is much easier to achieve, however with younger siblings it is often the biggest challenge at a newborn session. My advice? With little ones it is so important to understand that at times we may need to adjust our expectations on how a session will go. My sessions are child led because I will never force a child to "sit + smile". If Mum is relaxed, the kids are often relaxed too... I promise amongst the chaos I will photograph something you will love!

5: Facial expressions

One portrait I found my clients loved most when I first started photographing newborns is expressions! It's usually more suited to the slightly older babies around 3-4 weeks by this time baby's eyes are wide open and you can really start to see their little personalities start to show.

6: Nursery

Oh my goodness... the nurseries my clients have created are BEAUTIFUL! So when I walk into your home and I can see the love and care that went into creating your baby's nursery I absolutely make sure I include a few photographs for you.

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