Create copies of your digital files on multiple devices

I strongly encourage all clients to do this as soon as you receive your gallery. Download your images and make sure you have a copy on a USB or an an external hard drive immediately. Have copies saved to the cloud and most importantly PRINT them too! By doing this you no longer need to worry about damaging the original file and it also is so much easier to share your images with friends and family, even your favourite print lab.

Store your files safely

Keep your files stored in a box with a lid, this is much safer than leaving the USB in a drawer which will inevitably be thrown around and damaged, You want to make sure the space you choose to store your files is dark and cool, in a cupboard or drawer is a perfect! Use a small fabric bag and make sure the cap is on, this prevents dust and sediment destroying the USB and your images!

Have a system in place

Now this is something I need to do myself for my personal collection. Learn from my mistake... please! If you do this from the very beginning you will be thanking yourself later on. It is super simple so start now! Create folders by date or event names, this will allow you to easily find files and avoid a whole lot of pain!

Print using a high quality lab + share them

ENJOY your portraits, PRINT them and DISPLAY them on your walls. They deserve so much more than being hid away on an electronic device. Show them off, love them and cherish them now!

I was flicking through my own personal collection the other day from 10-15 years ago and guess what... they are fading, the colour has totally changed, there is now a brown/yellow tint across them. They look horrible! Guess where I got them printed? Everyday budget printers like Kmart, Big W and Officeworks!

Now it is only because I now use a professional lab that I know the difference and I can see it instantly when I compare a budget print with a high quality professional print. Why don't you try it yourself? It really does make a difference. Yes it may cost a little more but trust me it is worth every cent and your images really will will last a lifetime.

Make a beautiful, meaningful album

I absolutely adore albums! My Mum made one for me when I was a child and I love showing my own children photos of me playing as a young girl. Creating my own family albums is something that has been on my to do list for years and years. But first I need to organise all those digital files on my computer I was telling you about!

Creating an album has never been easier thanks to all the options available online. It's super simple and a lot of them allow you to just drag and drop plus you can even personalize the text and finishes too!

Caring for you digital files begins as soon as you receive them... how you store them and then how you display and enjoy them in the years to come.

Please, take the time to properly care for them. Mel x

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