perth family photographer

Every single year I make sure we update our family portraits...

I know I can rely on my trusted family photographers Tahlia Heedes and Erin McKenzie who have documented many special memories in our lives together as a family however for this session in particular I knew I wanted something completely different. I knew I wanted Laura Harrey from LaLu to photograph my family and I had this vision in mind for a couple of years.

Why? The answer is simple. We've all grown, so much and the boys had really matured. We all have! The boys relationship has changed, they are much closer now. Their personalities are really big and I wanted that documented. Our marriage is now deeper and as a family I feel like we are all doing really well in life. We are happy (most of the time), we have our health and well with Leo turning 9 next month and Elijah turning 6 I just knew this may very well be my last opportunity to be photographed with my boys loving on me.

Laura did a sensational job and I do feel these photos show the connection we share and how much we love each other. I would encourage anyone who hasn't recently updated their family portraits to hire a photographer whose style you love this Spring and ensure you have these memories in print forever.

So what do I have planned for our session next year? Yes I already know! I'm thinking a balmy summer night at City Beach splashing in the water! Something active, messy and FUN!

Mel x