Your session and portraits means a lot to me too! - When I meet my client's for the very first time camera in hand, we have already spoken over the telephone during your consultation. These conversations I hope are reassuring and slightly ease your nerves leading up to the big day! Those first ten minutes when the camera is in front of you - everyone is nervous I can assure you, i'm even sometimes nervous too! When I meet and photograph your family for the very first time, the only thing I'm focused on is getting you comfortable and relaxed as quickly as possible. Why?Because that is where the real magic happens!

I put EVERYTHING I have into my work, I look for the small things, I will fix your hair and adjust your outfit. I do this because I want to give you the PERFECT portrait, the one that you love YOURSELF in and those you love most. You know the one you print really, REALLY BIG! The one that becomes a family heirloom. Know this... my work is my name and the portraits I create for your family represent my work, when you show them to your friends and family… I want your portraits to be AMAZING, so please know this... your portrait session means just as much to me as it does to you!

When I meet and photograph your family for the first time, the only thing i'm focused on is getting you comfortable and relaxed as quickly as possible. Why? Because that is where the real magic happens!

Don't apologize for your kids! As a Motherhood photographer, trust me I've seen it all! - Oh my goodness! If only I had a dollar for every time i've said this to my clients! And I mean it, most if not ALL children are the same at my sessions! As a mother of two boys (aged 3 and 6) trust me i'm dealing with all kinds of crazy at home on the daily! Please do not apologise to me, I get it Mumma! Let them be, just for this hour. Amongst the chaos I promise we will photograph something beautiful! It is my job to find those moments for you. When Mumma is relaxed I can better capture the emotion and connection between you and your family.

Yes, Dad! I know you probably aren't too thrilled to see me! - I am telling you now... I walk into every. single. session. knowing and expecting this! Hanging out with me is the last thing Dad wants to do on a Saturday Morning, I get it! But hear me out... It's only around an hour, it is important to everyone else, particularly your wife so why not make the most of it? I promise you will be thankful you put on a smile when you look back on the images later on and more importantly when your children do too! Please, don't do it for me, do it for them!

Look, most Dad's are fantastic and totally show up for me, playing with the kids and loving on Mum, but it is worth mentioning I have experienced Dad's who struggle and once or twice have just flat out refuse to join in. This saddens me and I know it upsets Mum too. I promise to make the session as painless as possible! You don't have to look at the camera, in fact I actually prefer you don't, i'd rather you be looking at your wife and children. You don't have to smile and say cheese... just engage and play with your children, the rest will flow naturally!

Know SO much more goes into your portrait session than the time we spend together! - I wish my clients understood the time, care, skill and love that goes into preparing and delivering each one of your images. There is no magic button or filter to prepare your images. It takes TIME! I am a perfectionist and I want to make sure you LOVE your portraits as much as I do. I edit each of your images one by one, with careful attention to detail. I don't use presets. I spend my days editing out blemishes, foliage that is out of place, a lot of insects through the summer and even strangers walking in the background. This takes time! Please know I work to get your gallery to you as quickly as possible, I do have several clients who need my attention, I am a one woman show and have two children to care for too. A LOT goes into making your images perfect, this is not something I rush.

Ultimately I wish my clients knew they are in safe hands with me and learn to trust, relax and enjoy the session. Have fun!

Finally, trust is important! - You hired me because you've been following my work and want portraits just like the ones you've seen on my website and social media! I also hope it's because you've got to know me via Instagram or my blog and felt a connection to me as a real person. Listen... if this is true I ask you to please TRUST ME! Take my suggestions and advice when we are planning your portrait session and you will end up with BEAUTIFUL portraits I PROMISE!

It is hard for me to do my job and deliver you the best images if you ignore my wardrobe advice or insist on a specific location or time of day that I know from experience will not photograph well or reflect my style. I have photographed over 300 families that is tens of thousands of images I have created, edited and delivered to my clients. I know what works and what doesn't. It's my job to make you look amazing and take images that you will love for a lifetime so please trust me and I will do everything I can to not to disappoint you. I’m good at this, so trust me. Try not to stress about your weight or how you look, I promise that in years to come when your children are grown you WILL cherish these portraits and your children will too.

Mel x

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